So, I was on Pinterest this morning. Famous last words I know. I was looking at the DIY board and started planning what I am going to make for Christmas. I know, I am a little late in the planning stages. What can I say? I am procrastinator. It’s a flaw, I’m not proud of it, but it is what it is. Here is my problem: I want to make all the things!! I think I have a compulsion or a problem or both. I found at least 30 wreathes that I want to make, and even more ornaments. It’s sickening. The problem with all of this? I am good at making things, crafting is like the ONE creative thing I can do, but I am not the greatest at making things and my experience is limited. Well, mostly b/c I do not have time to put towards labor intensive projects. Plus, I have no interest in them. Procrastinator remember? We like things simple, easy, and to the point. Hence my love affair with wreathes and ornaments.

Hubby hates when I craft. I make a huge mess. I can admit that. I bought thirty-one bags just for my crafting stuff. I sell it, so why not pay myself for storage stuff? It makes sense in my mind. The problem with those bags? I haven’t filled them yet. They are in my spare room waiting patiently to be put to use. Meanwhile, my crafting stuff is in a corner of our bedroom in two boxes. Again, my procrastinator nature has taken over. My brain refuses to believe that I need to go back to our spare room to get those bags when my stuff is already in boxes. I mean, you really can’t argue the logic when you think about it. Granted, it would be much prettier in the bags, but that would mean I go against my procrastinator nature. I am not sure I can defy it. That would be like swimming upstream, ridiculously hard.

We shall see where that leaves me. Right now, I am looking at my crafting board on Pinterest wondering what I can make. Of course, this means I need to get supplies, which means going shopping. I am stuck in this conundrum! I don’t see it solved anytime soon. Here’s to hoping I get to making stuff before Christmas!!