8 Weeks In

It’s been 8 weeks since I’ve given birth. It’s hard to believe, really. I keep waiting for someone to come and say thanks for watching my baby, I’ll take him back now. It’s crazy to think I have an 8week old (3w6d adjusted). I still don’t really feel like a mom. Mostly,  I feel like an all you can eat buffet. I breastfeed (bf) and let me tell you, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. No joke. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Because Superman was born so early, our bf relationship got off to a very rocky start. Late preterm babies are very sleepy, more so than the typical newborn. This little fact required me to practically do acrobatics to keep him awake enough to latch, much less feed. We ended up triple feeding. This meant I put him on the breast then pumped them fed him what I pumped. It is so hard!! Pumping every 2 to 3 hours to stimulate my milk to come in. I look back and I’m amazed I survived. Even with triple feeding, Superman did not make it back to his birthright until he was 4 weeks old. I don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed out before.

Now, we have a much better bf relationship and I’ve been able to stop triple feeding (Yay!). He now weighs a hefty 8lbs 3oz, which is huge!!! We met a friend of mine for lunch one day and her infant, who is just two weeks, is bigger than Superman. It’s crazy to think he is just now the size of the average infant. My friend remarked how small he is, and it’s true. He is still so very tiny, despite his weight gain. He is not covered with the typical layer of fat most newborns are born with. He is finally gaining some and there is even the slightest hint of rolls on his thighs!!!! Still, up against a full term baby, the differences are plain to see.

We have our two month appointment next week and I can’t wait. His doctor is going to be shocked at how big he is! I mean newborn clothes finally fit him well!!! It’s pretty exciting! We just moved up to size one diapers last week. My kid is turning into a chunk by preterm standards! I know we have a long road ahead. But, sitting here watching him sleep and hearing him practice laughing, my heart is full. It may not be how I thought I would give birth, but I will not trade anything for the world. I got my rainbow, earlier than expected, but he’s here and safe!


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