Oh Joy and all the other sarcastic remarks I can think of…

I have decided that I am done. I am over it. Everything. That is a pretty apathetic view of the way things are right now, but it’s how I am seeing things. Things are spiraling out of control faster than I can keep up.

This morning, I had to inform hubby that MIL needed to leave. Now, I promise, there is a lot of back story here, so before y’all jump on your righteous horses, don’t. Today, I became the bitch everyone thinks I am by saying that. But I cannot have her stay here much longer. She is slowly draining the life out of me. Out of us. Today hubby said he had to leave. Which leaves me to deal with her. How is that fair? Why? I am not in a good mood right now and this is going to send me off the edge. So, I told him she had to go. She can’t live by herself. She sure as hell can’t live here. I want her to go after her oncologist appointment on Monday. That is how long I am giving her before I tell hubby again.

So, here I am wondering if there is a nice way to tell your husband that his mother is sucking the life out of us and she needs to leave. I also feel like the world’s biggest ass, but she did just have a mastectomy. Yet, I cannot back down from this because I know we will eventually self destruct and she will be the cause. It sucks. It’s the truth. It’s time we admit it to each other.


2 thoughts on “Oh Joy and all the other sarcastic remarks I can think of…

  1. Good luck! Sounds like a rough situation. There’s no good way to confront family members about the life they are sucking out of you. …unless maybe you try expressing your feelings through interpretive dance? And then film it? And post it?


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