I think that is all I have energy for is sighing. MIL’s surgery was yesterday and we spent 12 hours in the hospital waiting for her. Her surgery was delayed by 4 hours, so it was just a long day. She came through it well and is expected to be in the hospital 2 to 3 days.

On another note, Hubby’s family has taken over my house with more arriving today. It is hard having guests under normal circumstances, under these, it’s flat out difficult. Now, I am not saying they horrible people, they aren’t. I just miss my house, my space. I miss being able to walk around without a bra!!! Selfish, I know, but I am not above it.

Moving on to CYG: Day 9 In Memory.

Today is all about in memory of our children. Did we do something remember him/her? I had a friend of mine help me with creating a tattoo. I do not have it yet, but every time I need a reminder, I look at the pic and it reminds me. The pic is not the greatest, but I know what it means to me. That is all that matters in my mind.

Featured image

Sorry about the pic, it sucks. I want a hummingbird “kissing” a forget-me-not. I only want one flower in the tat to represent my one loss. I can add to it if I need to. I am hopeful I do not ever have to. That is my in memory, I am hoping to go this month to get it. Maybe I will have a better pic to show then!


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